Jasmine went shopping to a store and spent $56 on accessories and clothes. She spent $18 more on clothes than on accessories. write and sooce a system of equations to find how much she spent on each.Please define x and y variablesand write two equations with the information given in y=mx+b (order of y=mx+b can be changed)please do not go any further than that. ​ .

Accepted Solution

Answer:Let x and y represent the amounts spent on accessories and clothes, respectivelyx + y = 56 . . . or y = -x + 56y - x = 18 . . . or y = x + 18Step-by-step explanation:With the variables defined as above, the total amount spent is ...   x + y = 56 . . . . . the amount spent on accessories and clothesWhen the amount spent on accessories is subtracted from the amount spent on clothes, the result is $18, so we can write another equation that says this:   y - x = 18Both equations can be rearranged to put y alone on the left. In the first case, we add -x to both sides of the equation. In the second case, we add x to both sides of the equation.